Rambles in Shambles

Pink, Purple, and Blue

I hate pink.  Purple is my favorite color and blue doesn't bother me. I never knew that these colors would have a great significance for me.  I was never confused, but I think that was a quick way to dismiss me without having to face truths.  I have been asked thousands of questions about this and it always exasperates me.  I keep my personal somewhat private and choose carefully what I post on social media.  Lately, I am finding that it is hard to read hateful comments.  I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does.  You see, even if I don't agree with you I still respect your opinion. Everything is black and white.  If I say x, I must be x.  If do y, I must be y.  If I think z, I must be z.  The other day in my International business class, one of my classmates debated on whether it was possible for a liberal to be pro-choice, and pro-gun at the same time. *raises hand*  Wait I'm not a liberal, or am I?  Can you tell me what I am?  I'm confused. 

I am a feminist, and I laugh when someone refers to me as a feminazi.  Those poor idiots misplaced their dictionaries again.  Oh phooey! I believe that people should have equal rights, and that makes me a socialist.  If I don't overtly express my love for this country, I'm a communist who needs to get the fuck out of the country. *slow golf clap* Because I'm Mexican, I'm surely on welfare and sucking at the government teat while poor Americans do without.  I don't believe in God.  There I said it.  I must be going to hell and my soul needs to be saved.  Some people have prayed for me.  Well, if talking to yourself makes you happy knock yourself out.  Since we are playing make believe, I am going to go type on my invisible typewriter and drink a mojito with my homeboy Hemingway in Havana later on this afternoon.  Maybe I'll go on a bike ride with Che Guevara too.  That's only if Julia Child promises take me scuba diving with Jules Verne.

It's all nonsense.

Everywhere I look, people are taking Facebook and Instagram "likes" straight into the bloodstream.  People are addicted to the wrong things, and are quick to pass up any opportunity that could possibly make them a better world citizen.  I cringe. All of your life, you are told to be yourself.  



I am. If someone has an issue with it because of what a man made text has brainwashed them to think, I'll have my "past due" stamp ready. Perhaps in this lifetime it was not possible for these types to see past their nose. It's truly a wonderful world, once you let your human instincts override the false information that's embedded in your head. Then again, you probably didn't bother to fact check either. Since many have already formed an opinion about me without speaking two words to me, I have something to say to you:  I'm going to pray for you.