Rambles in Shambles

Fuck this! I Can't Keep Calm

Your silence will not protect you.
— Audre Lorde (Gamba Adisa)

I'm drinking a chocolate malt and trying to put everything into perspective. It's like I can't even think straight. This week, I often flashed back to 15-20 years ago, when we were still trying to figure this shit out and to think that we haven't made any progress is heartbreaking. While the dust is settling and some are back to posting cat memes and event flyers, many people this week have had their lives altered forever. Just don't conveniently forget until the next hashtag comes up on your timeline. Try to understand why it is happening, why it has been happening and practice a little compassion before you say:

"But s/he wouldn't have gotten shot had they complied with the officer's orders.."

The burden of proof is not on the dead, but instead it is on the living. I don't recall the exact moment where we have decided as a society that failing to comply meant you get to eat lead. When did this become acceptable? Comply and don't die is our new motto? WTF?

Understand that sometimes complying doesn't do shit. Ahh, the good ol' busted taillight routine. I'm looking at you Alameda, Oakland, and Hayward PD. 😡 I’ll never forget an officer telling me I had to be in a body bag before the department would come out to take a report. I was 14 and living on the corner of Laurel Avenue and Princeton Street in Hayward. Google that shit. Here, I can get Murrieta PD in less than 5 minutes for a stolen FedEx package. Think about it. 

The last time I was pulled over (err, I ran out of gas on I-15 so I wasn't going ANYWHERE and patiently waiting for my husband to come and rescue me), being nice only aggravated the officer, so what the hell? Oh, and I had to show them my passport to prove I was a U.S. citizen. Awesome. I'm pretty pale compared to my brother who has had his fair share of unsavory encounters with officers. I'm not saying it, but it sure looks like it. 🤔

Quit trying to dismiss our encounters with police officers just because you've never been thrown to the ground on a routine traffic stop. Or you haven't been pulled over because you looked suspicious. Be glad that this isn't happening to you, but IT IS happening to other people! 

I am fully aware that every situation is different, and that law enforcement officers have a tough job, I'm not denying that; yet, I firmly believe that this culture of fear and hate seems to want to shoot first and ask questions that won't be answered later. Oh and just so we're clear, once again I'm against police brutality not against police officers. Furthermore, I don't condone what happened in Dallas, BUT I understand why it "happened." In addition, media manipulation is a bitch, ain't it? 

Funny, how people seem to forget that.

*just blocked a family member for posting some nonsense*

People are uncomfortable talking about it because they would much rather be coddled (or fill their heads with BS) and if it doesn't make it on the news, it must not be happening. Only TWO people talked to me (face-to-face interaction) about the events that transpired over the course of this week, and one of them is my husband. It is only when it hits home that forces people to care, and that's a sad state of affairs, my friends. The lack of communication and education only makes matters worse. How many more makeshift altars must we see on the streets for this shit to change? Or are we just going to continue with plastic smiles like this shit is not happening?

"Damn, all of the sudden you want to be pro-Black, Liz."

First off, that wasn't even an insult. Nice try, pal. I'm pro-not killing anything or anyone actually. Plain and simple. Shit, we all want the same things really, to be loved, respected, understood, and maybe a nice cold beer and a taco plate. I don't know what it's like to be Black in America no more than you know what it's like to be a Mexican-American woman. All I know is that I have nieces and nephews that could potentially be reduced to a hashtag AND that thought alone is enough for me to do whatever I can to call out people and engage them in conversation.

Stop being a dense motherfucker. 

Nonetheless, after hearing and reading all the kind of filthy and racist shit this week, it's hard to feel patriotic. The country's attention span is beyond fucked up and it makes me sick that in 2016, this is what we are still trying to resolve. I'm looking at Twitter now, and you know what's trending? The BET Awards. Apparently, people are still mad at Jesse Williams. Why because he read everyone to filth? Recap: Being pro-Black/Latino does not mean I'm anti-white/cop/law.

It's getting hard to keep up y'all.

"May I please see your driver's license and registration?"


"Put your hands up where I can see them, or I'll shoot!"

One more thing: Wendy Williams and Fetty Wap, please have several seats. Stacey Dash has been keeping them warm for you.

A special fuck you to all those rappers/musicians/DJs/fuckboys and thots who pretend to care about their communities in light of tragic events in order to line their pockets to then donate those greenbacks to corporations that utilize their power to oppress the people they supposedly represent.

Miss me with that bullshit. Can't truss it.