Rambles in Shambles

Auribus Teneo Lupum

Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way, it kills them.
— Jean-Paul Sartre

Each day is a new clusterfuck, and this country is slowly deteriorating morally. I'm convinced of one thing, and one thing only. People suck and they are finding new ways to justify their hatred.  

Here are some folks trying to make sense of it all: 

In response to a story about a police officer who told a woman to not worry because 'we only shoot black people', many (perhaps bots, I mean who knows nowadays) were telling the rest of us to calm our 'snowflake asses' down because maybe it was just a joke.  WHO THE FUCK AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE JOKE ABOUT SOME SHIT LIKE THAT? 

"A woman is genuinely afraid to move her hands, for fear the police will shoot her dead on the spot - because she's seen it happen many times. The cop's response is to joke about the police's tendency to mostly kill black people. And the main thing people are concerned about is whether the officer meant to be funny or not? 🙄" - Monica R. 

What about the nurse that was assaulted by a police officer after refusing to give him access to a patient's blood sample. All caught on tape and some people want to wait for more 'evidence'. 

"This happened five weeks ago, and they just took him off active duty TODAY, after the chief and mayor waffled for 24 hours after seeing the video yesterday [supposedly for the first time]. NOTHING HAPPENED until social media descended on them and shamed them into suspending the detective [with pay, of course.] Tell me again how 'seriously' they're taking this.  😡" - Todd E.

While it's easy to pick race and color as an example, it extends far beyond the constructs of America's outdated infrastructure. Each day the bar is set to a new low, and I wonder at what point do we say enough and hold ourselves accountable. I can't imagine that we can look at ourselves in the mirror and feel as if we are productive members of society when we sit back and do nothing as this country is picked clean by the vultures who conned us into believing they are protecting it.  Don't even get me started on our shit for brains commander in queef. Sharing memes and writing ambiguous status updates are as effective as prayers during a natural disaster.  At the moment I'm exhausted by the spreading of false information, having to second guess myself often leads me to hours of fact-checking and research. I often wonder if I decided to get up leave her behind and not fight for her, does this make me a traitor? 

I envy the departed.