Rambles in Shambles

NAMM, Anaheim, and Insomnia

It's finally here! By this time tomorrow I will have an entire amazing experience to share with you about the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim.  I opted to drive out from Murrieta, rather than get a hotel room.  I don't want to sleep in a foreign bed for at least another few months.  The only thing I ask, is for a good traffic flow in the morning and to maintain my sanity as I'm trying to figure out what to wear.  I will definitely not make the rookie mistake of choosing fashion over function.  I learned that the hard way at the first ASCAP Expo I attended a few years back.  I won't forget to bring my water bottles and snacks either.  With the NAMM app on my phone, I'm ready to navigate through all of the educational sessions and product exhibits.  I just discovered that the Woz (that's Steve Wozniak who started Apple Computers with Steve Jobs for all of you non-Apple people) will be there for the Saturday breakfast session.  I'm not even sure how I'll get there by 8 a.m., but I know it will be nothing short of a miracle.  I missed last year's NAMM show due to a nasty cold.  Tonight, I'm halfway asleep as I'm typing this with plenty of things to get done before I drop like a sack of potatoes.  I'll need to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning to turn my brain on and have it ready to receive all of this information.  Yes, looking at all the cool gadgets is part of the fun; however, for me it's learning from guest speakers. My schedule is packed.  The iPad is charged up and so is the battery backup. As for me, I'm drained. All hands on deck.  I'll have to muster every drop of energy I've got.  Eight hours of sleep, ain't nobody got time fo dat.

"All we need is a little energon and a lot of luck." - Optimus Prime